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Copyright and Terms of Use

We follow a few basic principles in providing the information on this web site and we ask that anyone using this information also follow these principles. We believe in:

  1. Sharing knowledge and information to help others.

  2. Respecting the integrity of the work contributed by others.

  3. Sharing any financial gain with those who produced the original work. 

  4. Acknowledging the authors of original work and protecting their identity to the greatest extent possible when they prefer to remain anonymous. 

Please use our reprint permission request form if your use falls outside the guidelines outlined below.


Administration of copyright 

The Canadian Mental Health Association's BC Division ("CMHA BC") administers copyright on behalf of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information, the group of agencies behind HeretoHelp. You can reach CMHA BC staff directly through the contact us page on this site.

Copyright in the information that appears on the HeretoHelp website is subject to the Copyright Act of Canada.

Terms of Use 

Q: What information can I reproduce from the HeretoHelp website?

All rights are reserved. However, in keeping with the BC Partners commitment to get good quality, trusted information out to people who need it and to encourage the availability and exchange of information (subject to the Copyright Act of Canada), you may reproduce some information that appears on the HeretoHelp website. Specifically, you may reproduce toolkits, workbooks, modules, info sheets, info cards and brochures under a partially restricted Creative Commons License as long as the user of the information agrees to:

  • Retrieve and use documents for information only.

  • Save or print a single copy for personal use only.

  • Not reproduce any major extract or the entire document except as permitted under Copyright Act of Canada (Section 29: Fair Dealing) or without the permission of CMHA BC (on behalf of BC Partners) or the original author.

  • Acknowledge the source and author (where applicable) of any selected passage or other extract reproduced.

  • Not make any financial charge for providing the information to another person or organization without the written consent of CMHA BC.

  • Not modify the information without the express written permission of CMHA BC or the author.

  • Include the following copyright notice in any copy made: © BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information.

Q: What about PDFs?

PDF files and interactive content may not be posted or hosted on other websites, though you are free to provide links to these resources on the HeretoHelp website. You do not need permission to provide a link to content on this site.

Q: What about articles with specific authors named?

CMHA BC seeks to obtain permission from third party contributors of articles (such as for Visions Journal) to grant permission on their behalf to republish their work, but this cannot be assumed with every article. Where an article carries a byline, the author may retain copyright ownership and their permission may need to be sought separately. Please contact us using our reprint permission request form to determine whether we are able to grant permission on the author’s behalf of whether the author needs to be contacted directly for permission to reproduce their work.

Q: What about photographs and illustrations?

General permission to reproduce information on the HeretoHelp web site does not include photographs. Some photography used on the HeretoHelp web site has been purchased from stock sources or belongs to the author and therefore carries limited copyrighted use in accordance with our purchase/use agreements. In some cases, photographs that appear with authored articles do not necessarily depict the author to protect their privacy. In the event you wish to reproduce, store or transmit photographic material that appears on the HeretoHelp website you need to contact us prior to any use.

Notifying us of reproduced information or for reprint permission

In the event that you wish to reproduce, alter, store or transmit the material that appears on the HeretoHelp website for a purpose other than personal, in-house or non-commercial educational or training use, you can apply online to us through our reprint permission request form.

Submitting resources to HeretoHelp

We welcome BC organizations that have good content to add to our HeretoHelp website. If this sounds like you, please see our submissions page for background and next steps. (Please note that this for educational materials you've developed that already exist, not for new content you might be contributing when we invite people to submit articles for Visions Journal.)


Please see our disclaimer page for our standard content disclaimer about the limits of the information on this site, as well as some details on your privacy when on this site.


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