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A reminder that this article from our magazine Visions was published more than 1 year ago. It is here for reference only. Some information in it may no longer be current. It also represents the point of the view of the author only. See the author box at the bottom of the article for more about the contributor.

Older Adult Immigrants and Refugees


PDF | Vol. 6, No. 3 (2010)

Immigrants and refugees face numerous challenges when they arrive in Canada, and older adults in particular may face additional hardships as they cope with the personal, family and society changes that affect mental health. Older adult immigrants and refugees must also navigate mental health and substance use systems that don’t necessarily offer appropriate services for their needs. About one in four British Columbians is from an ethnic minority, and the number of Canadians over the age of 65 is set to increase dramatically over the next ten years. The well-being of older adult immigrants and refugees is clearly an important issue that must be examined. In this issue of Visions, we learn about the particular challenges that older adult immigrants and refugees face, explore services and resources aimed at this population, and hear personal stories from older adults and service providers.


  • Editor's Message
    (Sarah Hamid-Balma)

  • Ethnocultural Elders and Mental Health
    (Soma Ganesan)

  • Improving Services for Multicultural Clients: Mental Health Commission of Canada recommendations
    (Judith Ince)

  • Making Connections Between Mental Health and Physical Illness
    (Han Zao Li)

 Experiences and Perspectives

  • Jarnail and Pritam’s Story
    (Gary Thandi)

  • Life Through Depression - Depression Through Life
    (Ken Lam, as told to Stephanie Wilson)

Alternatives and Approaches

  • ICARE: Immigrant Older Women - Care Accessibility Research Empowerment
    (Melanie Spence and Sharon Koehn)

  • iCON Multicultural Public Health Education
    (Helen Novak Lauscher, Elizabeth Stacey and Kendall Ho)

Regional Programs

  • SUCCESS Provides an Antidote to Social Isolation of Immigrant Seniors
    (Danny Li)

  • Navigating Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias: Resources for multicultural communities
    (Lindsay Nielsen)


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