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A reminder that this article from our magazine Visions was published more than 1 year ago. It is here for reference only. Some information in it may no longer be current. It also represents the point of the view of the author only. See the author box at the bottom of the article for more about the contributor.

Recovery: Stigma and Inclusion


PDF | Vol. 13, No. 1 (2017)

When it comes to mental illnesses and substance use problems, attitudes matter. Stigma and exclusion make it harder to reach out for help, find support, and work on recovery. Some people internalize stigma, feeling ashamed about their own experiences. It’s not surprising that we often hear that the stigma around mental illnesses and substance use problems can be worse that the illness or problem itself. However, a little acceptance and inclusion can go a long way, helping people reach out and talk to health care providers, talk about their experiences with family and friends, or simply feel more comfortable being themselves. In this issue of Visions, you’ll learn more about stigma and hear from people who have encountered both exclusion and inclusion on their paths to wellness.


  • Editor's Message
    (Sarah Hamid-Balma)

  • Stigma: Mark of shame or complex social process?
    (Heather Stuart)

Experiences and Perspectives

  • Many and One: My life with dissociative identity
    (Jen Callow)

  • Fixing Your Flat Tire: Recognizing and recovering from binge-eating disorder

  • Pieces of Me: Reflections of a mental health nurse on reducing stigma
    (Michelle C. Danda)

  • A Journey to Worthy: The impact and stigma of suicide
    (Brittany Didrich)

  • On the Other Side of the Elevator Doors: A sister’s perspective on stigma and schizophrenia
    (Cindy Crane)

  • Am I the Only One Going Through This? Standing up to stigma, anxiety and herpes—all at once

Alternatives and Approaches

  • Mental Health Is a Laughing Matter
    (David Granirer)

  • Combating Stigma: Those with lived experience are our greatest allies
    (Laurie Edmundson)
  • The Three Faces of Stigma
    (Steven J. Barnes)

  • Embracing Differences on Both Sides of the Street: Building bridges in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
    (Ronna Chisholm)

  • Double Stigma, Double Duty: Supporting Asian men to become mental health ambassadors and activists 
    (Rodrick Lal)


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